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A family farm in Montseny, with history, full of corners to discover, enjoy and share...

Porxo de Can Baixeres is a property that has grown with the different generations of the family. Developing a rural life in its beginnings and, for several years now, offering rural tourism that cares for people and ensures the preservation of the landscape. Sharing, caring for the environment, and transmitting ecotourism values have always been our way of doing things. With this dedication and love, we continue working to make El Porxo the charming accommodation it is today. Located just an hour from Barcelona, in the heart of the Montseny Natural Park, a biosphere reserve, at El Porxo de Can Baixeres, you'll find the perfect environment to disconnect and reconnect with nature. We invite you to enjoy a personalized experience, discover the corners of the estate, taste the delicious local products of Montseny, immerse yourself in a forest bath, take a walk surrounded by the beautiful landscape that surrounds us, or simply sit at the house or apartment's viewpoint to relax with a good book, listening to the silence of Montseny...

Discover our spaces:
  1. Main access to the property
  2. 500 meters from the village of Montseny
  3. Reception
  4. The Porch. the large house (max. 10 pax)
  5. The big house barbecue
  6. The viewpoint of the big house
  7. El Magraner Apartment (max. 4 pax)
  8. Apartment El Til·ler (max. 4 pax)
  9. The viewpoints of the apartments
  10. The swimming pool
  11. Multipurpose room "La Pallissa"
  12. Our gardens!
  13. Play area 1: The tracks
  14. Play area 2: Nature games
  15. Play area 3: The Treehouse
  16. The GR-X towards the town of Montseny
  17. The GR-X on the way to the Man's Hill
  18. Our house, in case you need anything!
  19. The parking lot
Welcome to Porxo de Can Baixeres!
Discover our spaces
El Porxo, the big house (for 4 to 10 people)

The big house at El Porxo de Can Baixeres is a completely renovated old barn available for rent as a whole, with a maximum capacity of 8 adults and two children. This rural house offers you the comfort and services necessary for a perfect stay with family or friends in the heart of Montseny. You will find 4 bedrooms with 3 full bathrooms, your own kitchen-dining area, and a living room with a fireplace for the colder months. The big house is accompanied by outdoor living spaces, a private barbecue area, a viewpoint to enjoy the views, relax, and breathe in the fresh air surrounded by the fantastic environment offered by the Natural Park.
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During your stay at the big house of El Porxo de Can Baixeres, you can enjoy all the spaces that the estate offers to its guests: the pool where you can refresh while contemplating the views, the various play areas for both young and old, and all the little corners we leave for you to discover during your visit. Welcome!

he big house
"El Magraner" Apartment (for 2 to 4 people)
El Magraner apartment

This beautiful apartment is located in a completely renovated old farmhouse. The apartment is available for rent as a whole and features a bedroom with a full bathroom and a sofa bed in the living room, making it ideal for couples or small families with children. You will find everything you need to ensure comfort during your stay: a fireplace, a kitchen and living area, and your own outdoor terrace where you can relax, enjoy an al fresco meal with a good book, or have a pleasant conversation while surrounded by the marvellous views of Montseny Natural Park.
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During your stay at El Porxo de Can Baixeres' Apartment, you can enjoy all the spaces that the estate offers to its guests: the pool, where you can refresh while contemplating the views, the various play areas for both young and old, and all the little corners we leave for you to discover during your visit. Welcome!

Apartament El Porxo
The Porxo's pool
Porxo pool
Enjoy a swim with views of Montseny!
The Porxo's play areas
Play areas
Play areas
You'll find entertainment for all ages!
Play areas
Services and activities:
We tailor your stay to your preferences!
Porxo's Baskets

For breakfast, a poolside aperitif, a picnic for your excursion, snacks for young and old, dinner, or to taste a good wine with cheese in great company while watching the sunset... We prepare customized baskets with the finest Montseny products and freshly harvested seasonal fruits and vegetables. Don't hesitate to ask for your preferences for a perfect meal!

● Check prices and availability before your stay
● Vegan and vegetarian options available

Cistella esmorzarCistella El Porxo
Cistella verduresCistella embotits
Multipurpose room "la Pallissa"

At El Porxo, we have a multipurpose space ideal for your company meetings or group gatherings, telecommuting, therapeutic group activities, yoga classes, and more. La Pallissa is completely renovated and equipped with a good Wi-Fi connection, a fireplace, board games, and a home cinema TV with a console and video games. Reserve if you want to enjoy this additional space during your stay!

● Check availability and prices for renting the space.

Ratafía, healthy cosmetics or Montseny cooking workshop

At El Porxo we hold different workshops throughout the year, depending on the season in which you visit us. If you are one of those people who likes to accompany your stay with a cultural activity, we can offer you different options: a workshop to learn how to prepare your own Montseny Ratafía with the help of Ademc, who with their experience will explain all the secrets of this traditional Catalan liqueur, a workshop to learn how to make natural and healthy cosmetics with "Del Montseny" and, for the most gourmets, you can accompany your stay with a healthy cooking workshop with "Cor del Montseny".

● Check availability before your stay to organize the workshop
● • Difficulty adaptable to each group.

Guided excursions, on foot or by bicycle, to discover the Montseny Natural Park

Would you like to take an educational itinerary through the Montseny Natural Park? The best way to discover the Park is accompanied by Carme Clopés, environmental biologist from Ademc, who knows like few others the secrets of this biosphere reserve: the legends of fountains, rivers and pools, the animal activity, the seasonality of the birds that come and go, the medicinal plants that are part of the history of our grandmothers' home remedies, the historical route from Sant Julià to Sant Martí to discover life in Montseny before roads and electricity, the churches where people gathered... This activity is adapted to each group according to ages and interests. If you are bicycle lovers, in El Porxo you can rent them, electric and track. We offer you filmed itineraries accompanied by Rutatur, which brings the bicycles to the accommodation so that you only have to worry about enjoying and pedaling!

● Check availability and prices before your stay

All the comforts

Both in the big house and in the apartment, you will always find towels, soaps, blankets, a first charge for the fireplaces and all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay in El Porxo de Can Baixeres. However, if you wish, we can also offer you a change of sheets, baskets of firewood, lighting for barbecues and all the amenities you need to make your stay perfect.


About us

The fruit of history, work and affection of multiple family generations

Our family acquired this farm three generations ago. Lover of rural life, caring for the forest and especially fruit trees, our grandfather Josep, planted many of the trees that today characterize the landscape of El Porxo, in the heart of Montseny. As life in the countryside became increasingly challenging and less rewarding, our grandparents began transforming the estate's barns into small accommodations. Our grandmother, Maria Lluïsa, was well-versed in the long-standing tradition of rural tourism thanks to her parents. It was a family tradition to welcome people from all over to their home and immerse themselves in the experiences and cultures they shared. Today, this beautiful family project is carried on by Anna and Jaume. They continue with the same spirit of preserving the environment, maintaining and improving the various spaces of Can Baixeres, and taking care of the details and those who visit us.


Família el Porxo de Can Baixeres
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